Best VPN for Online Gaming

vpn for gaming

For those who are serious about their safety and security on the internet, setting up a VPN is necessary. A VPN replaces the user’s IP address with the providers; it protects your data once it leaves your computer by rerouting it to a different location. 

Businesses and individuals mostly use VPNs for a variety of different purposes and needs. Few people use it for a high level of encryption and security, others for streaming, torrenting, and gaming purpose. 

Use of a VPN for Gaming

When you connect to a public gaming server, your IP address will be first exposed to other gamers and the gaming company. A malicious gamer or a hacker can use your IP address to launch DDoS or DoS attacks, and it can take down your home network and steal your data. 

Hackers can even find out your real location and send a SWAT attack to other gamers. If you hear SWAT attack or Swatting, it means sending armed police to other gamer’s houses with a hoax threat. 

But when you use a VPN, it protects you and your identity by redirecting your original traffic through a server in a different location by hiding your IP address from public view. 

Best Free VPNs for Gaming

A free VPN helps you mask your IP, but it’s not the best gaming choice. Most of the free VPN have limitations for gaming.

This article recommends three best free VPN for gaming based on their speed and features. If you going with a paid VPN, refer to Spacecraft VPN Black Friday post for more information on paid VPNs. 

1. NordVPN 

NordVPN is one of the most popular VPN for gaming. They offer a 30-day money-back guarantee. Where users can enjoy the VPN entirely free for one month, it protects you from threats and gives you access to all features.

They have 5400+ servers across 56 countries, and that’s why NordVPN stands top on our list. Using servers worldwide, you can connect to any of your favorite country servers and enjoy your game. 

  • 59 countries, 5400+ servers.
  • Dedicated P2P servers.
  • Router compatible.
  • Lightning speed.
  • 30-days cashback.
  • Works with all streaming sites.
  • Compatible with all devices & platforms. 

2. PrivateVPN

PrivateVPN gets 2nd position for its speed and security. They offer a 7-day free trial for users. But you need to register for a free trial without any payment details. Also, you can access their premium feature throughout the free trial.

It means no limitations on speed, usage, or bandwidth. PrivateVPN guarantees low latency and high speed for smooth and uninterrupted gaming. 

  • 60 Countries, 150+ servers.
  • 7- day free trial with premium features. 
  • Router compatible and fast speed.
  • Military-grade protection. 
  • P2P servers.
  • Compatible with streaming sites and devices.

3. ProtonVPN

ProtonVPN offers you unrestricted service for free with unlimited data and unlimited bandwidth. It means you can play games by connecting different servers, as long as you like.

It is fully compatible with routers and protects your connection on a game PC or a console. They give military-grade encryption, automatic kill switch, DNS leak protection for free users. 

  • 54+ Countries with multiple servers.
  • Free with no limits.
  • Built-in adblocker & router compatible.
  • Compatible with all streaming sites and devices.
  • Military-grade encryption & DNS leak protection.


These are the best three free VPN for gaming. These VPNs are excellent against DDoS and DoS attacks. But we recommend you to go with premium VPNs to be more secure and save your data. 

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