How To Fix Torrent is Not Valid Bencoding Error

Now the Internet Service Provider (ISP) has blocked the torrent, so it is quite difficult to download the large file from the Internet. Suppose, someone accessed the torrent and started the download, it is even more frustrating to see the error later. “The torrent is not a valid bencoding”. Now you need the wrong file and this error has happened. Do not worry, we have an interesting solution that will solve your problem. Before continuing, let’s see why this error occurred and what a torrent is.

What is a torrent ???

With a torrent client, one can download large files such as software installation, ISO images, movies, TV shows, videos, and more. Unlike other download sites, you will not download the entire file at once, the software or movie will be downloaded in small part. Torrent gives you the freedom to pause and resume downloads whenever you want.

Reason for error “Torrent is not valid Bencoding”

There may be a reason for this error because the torrent file is corrupt or something like that. But users get this error more often after blocking torrent sites. The main cause of this error is as follows:

  • Your ISP does not allow the torrent site and corrupts the file. According to the restrictions imposed by the government, many torrent sites are banned in many countries. Well, this is not the case in all countries, but there are some countries where they are very strict with the use of torrents or downloads.
  • You may have downloaded the corrupted file.

Now that you know the cause of the error, let’s see what is the best solution for this error.

There are two working solutions for “Unable to load the torrent is not a valid Bencoding” problem:

Use VPN services.

This is the first method to resolve this error. The reason I prefer this is that, you can access any site blocked in your country and blocked by the ISP. To use a virtual private network, you do not have to be a technology expert. There are many free VPN services available on the internet that can help you. Before you start using the VPN service

Let’s take a look at what VPNs are doing and how they will resolve this error. When you want to access sites that have been restricted in your country or at your ISP, the IP address is blocked. Now, what VPN will automatically change your IP address and allow you to access the site. It will locate you in another country and your ISP will not be able to detect it. All you have to do is download free VPN software and create your account. Now login to your account and launch the software, you can now access the site which is limited.

se the magnetic connection.

If you often download movies, software, TV shows, and torrent games, then you will be familiar with the magnetic link. In general, we start by downloading the torrent file, then we open it in our Torrent software such as Utorrent, Bit Torrent, but after the download, an error message is seen “The torrent is not valid Bencoding.” The reason for this is , you have downloaded a corrupt file and that is why you receive this error notification. If you noticed that a magnet icon is present on the torrent site.

All you have to do is just click on it and your torrent software will run automatically and the download will start. Now you will not have to face any error. The question is: how did this happen? So let’s take a look. In the first case, you download the file through the moderator, which is the downloaded torrent file and the file is corrupted. Thanks to the magnetic connection, it is directly connected to the server on which the file is stored.

Download from another source

If none of the above solutions is right for you, this is the last way to download the file. You must find another source to download the file. There are many more options to do it. You can use other free software such as IDM, DAP. They will surely help you. There are so many other sites where you can find your file or what you want to download, you just have to find them.


Hope the first two methods work for you. If you have other corrections for the “Torrent is Not Valid Bencoding” error, share them with us through comment section. We will try to add solutions in the article.

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