How To Catch Pokemon Using QR Codes

The mere mention of Pokémon hits us with a wave of nostalgia and takes us back to our childhood. The Pokémon games yet remain to be one of the most popular outcomes from the show that is loved by a major section of the fans.

This made the Nintendo Labs have taken it upon themselves to ensure that the Pokémon fans keep getting a fair share of the games.  In this article, we will see how to catch a Pokemon using the QR codes.

Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon

One such game is the Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon, a popular role-playing video game, developed by ‘Game Freak’ and published by ‘The Pokémon Company’ and ‘Nintendo’ for the Nintendo 3DS.

The game had received a worldwide launch on 17 November 2017 and has gained immense popularity after the launch. The game is a part of the Pokémon 7th generation of the Pokémon video game series and was developed as the enhanced version of Pokémon Sun and Pokémon Moon.


The basic gameplay features the story of a young Pokémon trainer and is set in the Alola region (Hawaii). The differences from the previous installments are in the terms of an alternate storyline and new features and characters as well as new forms of legendary characters as version mascots.

The game includes the feature of scanning QR codes when the player is in search of new Pokémon. The scanning of QR codes is by far the easiest method of registering a Pokémon as ‘seen’ immediately.

The Island Scan feature works similarly on both Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon (the scanner can be unlocked only after the player has used the regular QR Scanner for a certain number of times).

The Island Scanner allows the player to find and actually catch the Pokémon in-game thereby ensuring that the game gets a little easy for the player. 

Although the basic feature of both Island Scanner and QR Scanner remains the same and both are simple ways of acquiring a Pokémon during the game, there is a slight difference in terms of the functions of the two scanners. 

How To Catch Pokemon Using QR Codes

The QR Scanner uses the Nintendo 3DSs camera functionality to scan a real-world QR Code. Individual Pokémon have their own individual QR Code that the user can access after catching the Pokémon and heading to its page in Pokedex and pressing X.

Scanning the QR code that now appears on the screen would add this Pokémon to the Pokedex of the player and mark it as seen. Although not an instant way to catch the Pokémon, ‘seen’ Pokémons are now available to catch in-game via the regular methods.

To scan the QR code, the player needs to follow the method given below.

  1. Open the in-game menu.
  2. Go to the second page and select the ‘QR Scanner’ option. 
  3. The camera will now be activated. Place the desired QR code in front of the camera and snap a picture of the same using the R button.

The user can now use the feature of the Habitat tab available in the Pokedex to get accurate information about the location of the scanned Pokémon and then go ahead to catch it or you can scan QR codes at

Rules and Limitations

However, the rules of the game permit the player to use the QR scanner 10 times a day and the player is awarded 10 points. Every 100 points collected by the scans would allow the player to then use the Island Scan feature in the game. 

The Island Scanner enables the player to catch a non-Alolan Pokémon that is available at the current island of the player. The player gets an hour to catch the Pokémon after he has started using the Island Scan and has only one chance at a battle to win it. After this, the player has to wait for 2 hours before he can use this feature again.

How to use Island Scan Features

To use the Island Scan feature the players must follow the steps given below.

  1. Head to the Scanner option in the in-game menu.
  2. The bottom of the screen features the “Island Scan” option. The player can either tap on it or press X. 
  3. The screen would now show the special Pokémon available for the day with its exact location. 
  4. The player now has to go to the given location and catch the Pokémon within an hour. 

The availability of new Island Scan Pokémon each day allows the player to get new Pokémon every day until he is able to complete the entire set. 

The gameplay has created enough excitement and the competitive nature of the players has ensured that this game will remain to be a favorite for a very long time.

Hope this article was useful for you. After reading this article I hope will know how To Catch Pokemon Using QR Codes. Try it out and share your gaming experience.

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