How to Install a Kodi Repository – A Complete Guide

What is Kodi?

This introduction part is for the users new to Kodi, On this most complete Kodi Setup Guide.

Kodi is a free open source media player that has been created specifically for home entertainment. It has left an impression on everyone who streams and shares content at home and it was known as the Xbox Media Player.

Kodi is the work of the XBMC Foundation which works behind the scenes to deliver the service. Kodi is the most powerful software, you should have if you are a big fan of streaming movies, sports, and TV shows. It is now available for installation on different operating systems that are available in the market.

Is Kodi Legal?

Being one of the best and most used software for streaming, it is entirely understandable to ask if Kodi is legal. Kodi is completely legal and it was acquired in part by Microsoft. It is just like a general web browser.

Conversely, how you use Kodi is what brings in the factor of it being illegal. Being a very powerful software, Kodi accommodates a wide range of add-ons. Some of those add-ons allow the streaming of pirated content, which is unlawful. Such addons on Kodi is considered illegal in many countries.

What is a Kodi repository?

Kodi doesn’t host any of its own content and allows you to stream content from external sources. To do so, you will need Kodi add-ons and that’s where repositories come into play. Kodi repository also called as Kodi repo, it is where all the add-on files are stored.

A user can download any add-ons from these best repositories for Kodi at any time. The Kodi repo allows you to quickly access the Kodi add-ons.

  •   From the Kodi home screen, go to the system menu(looks like gear cog icon)
  •   Open the File manager
  •   Select the Add source
  •  Click on the <None>, so that you can use a custom external source.
  •  Type the URL address into the text field
  •  Give a new name to the repository you have added and click on OK.

 Final words:

This how you can install any Kodi repository easily. The installation procedure is exactly the same for all repositories. If you have any issues while installing or any queries, let us know in the comment section.

How To Watch Live TV and Movies on Kodi for free

To watch live TV on Kodi, you need to install an add-on. In this article, we have listed some of the best Kodi addons for live TV streaming. Apart from these add-ons, there are a lot more addons to stream movies, TV shows, sports, and more. Some of the best all in one Kodi add-ons are listed here. You can install almost all these Live TV add-ons with the Kodi repositories listed in this article.

Best Kodi live TV add-ons:

  • USTV Now
  • PS Vue
  • ITV
  • Pluto.TV
  • Comet TV
  • NewsON
  • Cheddar
  • Plex

Configure settings before installing:

The add-ons you are installing come from unknown developers, the Kodi restricts downloading add-ons and watching videos from unknown sources. So that you will need to set up allowing unknown sources in your Kodi.

  • Click on the Settings > System Settings
  • Tap the button next to Unknown Sources, from Add-ons, and click Yes to confirm.
  • Now you can install add-ons from unknown sources in your Kodi to improve your experience.

VPN to use Kodi:

Using add-ons on your Kodi, you can be restricted if you are using the internet from your ISP. You need to use a VPN in order to use Kodi and Stream videos without geo-restrictions. To prevent any problems like Exodus not working then pick one of the best VPN. A VPN will mask the video and so your ISP won’t recognize it as a Kodi video and won’t block it.

Installing add-ons from Kodi Repository to watch live TV

Kodi has a default repository when you install Kodi in your device so that you can also install the add-ons to watch live TV with the Kodi add-on repository which is developed by the Kodi Team. Follow the instructions given below:

  1. Get to the Main Menu on your upper left corner Kodi > Add-ons > Package icon.
  2. Install from the repository > Kodi add-on repository.
  3. Click on the Video add-ons and you can see a list of available video add-ons.
  4. Select an add-on that you would like to install to watch live Tv.
  5. After selecting, you can see a menu list at the bottom, then click Install to install the add-ons.
  6. It takes a few minutes for it to install and then you can go back to Kodi home page> Add-ons >My add-ons to open the add-on and enjoy watching the live TV shows.

Guideline to watch live TV on Kodi:

Kodi features the API to add the third-party add-on into the software so that you can enjoy various video sources on Kodi. You can just follow the guideline below if you have already known the path and the zip file name of the add-on you want to install.

  • Click Settings > File manager, in Kodi.
  • Double click on the Add Source > None.
  • Type the URL path of the media and type a name for the path, then click OK twice to save it.
  • Click Add-ons, from the main menu and then click the Package icon on the upper left.
  • Click Install from the zip file, then select the file you just saved and all you need to select several times to locate to the file you need to install.
  • Click the Install from repository and select the repository you just installed, after the installation of repository completed.
  • Select the add-on type you need to install and find out the add-on you want to install and click it to Install.
  • After a couple of seconds, you’ll see a notification on the upper right to show Add-on installed.
  • Now you can go to Add-ons > My add-ons to check and open the add-on you have installed.


Here, these are the tutorials to install add-ons to watch live TV on Kodi. If you have any queries or suggestion, you are free to comment below and we will do what we can do to help.