Your Quick “Lazy” Tuesday Workout


I actually hate them more than Mondays. (Which, if I’m being honest, I don’t really hate at all – just get mildly annoyed with it.)

On Mondays I’m at least ready to go-go-go!

I feel like water being held back by a dam on Mondays. Shoot, last night I stayed up till Midnight working.

But Tuesdays, man, I usually don’t feel like doing too much. Probably cause I spent all my energy the day before.

Hence the “lazy Tuesday” workout.

In fact, I think this type of workout should be used pretty much all the time – it’s a “lazy” way to make gains.

Gains like increased strength…

… increased leanness…

… increased conditioning levels…

All the good stuff you’re looking for.

Here it is in “all” it’s glory.

1. Grab a pair of kettlebells, preferably the same size.

2. Find your rep max (the maximum number of reps you can do with them) on the Clean and Press.

3. Perform HALF that number for as many sets as you’d like in 20 minutes.

(So if you can do 10 reps, do sets of 5.)

4. Do this 3 times per week.

Now here’s the key to progress –

Each workout try to add a set. That’s it.

So that means you don’t want to kill yourself on the first workout. Always leave room in the tank.

You’ll be pleasantly surprised at how good this feels and how quickly you’ll see the changes in your body if you do this right.

The key is not to try too hard.

Always walk away knowing you could do one more set if you had to.

Speaking of lazy, I think using short double KB workouts are about the laziest way you can get any sort of results you’re looking for.


Because of they tax the body so much, you don’t have to do nearly as much work, imho, as you do with single KB workouts.

There’s just greater stimulation to your body from these things so your workouts don’t need to be as long.

You can actually get more work done in less time.

(Progressive Overload – one of the “secrets” to making gains.)

That’s why I put 49 different short, double kettlebell programs together for you in “Kettlebell Express! ULTRA”.

In fact, I’m so lazy, I didn’t even write one of them there fancy sales pages about it. To make up for it though, I’m giving you a discount of the regular price.

If you want it – just click the link below and grab your copy at this discounted price before I get off my butt, write a sales letter, and bump the price back up where it belongs.

Ok, I’m off to take a nap…


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