Workout “Experts” – Making the Simple Complex

It’s funny now that the Olympics are here how many videos pop up about these athletes’ workouts.They’re standing in a facility with all the latest gadgetry and demonstrating fancy exercises that their training gurus have “designed” for them.The really funny thing is twofold:

1. How atrocious their exercise form is –

Like a video I recently watched with a female Olympian doing push ups while her feet were suspended in a TRX.

She was doing those quarter push ups where the head  hangs the elbows are 90 degrees from the body and the only thing moving barely is the head and the elbows.


It’s a wonder these athletes don’t have more injuries than they do. (This one was an “overhead” athlete – lots of hitting.)


2. Just how complicated these “elite workouts” are.

Sure, these are elite athletes. But I’d wager that for 8 out  of 10 of them their workouts should be borderline remedial.

“How can you say that – you don’t know…”

Sure I do.

Pavel and I worked with an World Champion NFL Fullback  for a summer back in 2008 and increased many of his  numbers by simplifying his workouts.

Plus, I coached D-1 College athletes for 4 years. And I can tell you without hesitation that these athletes are great at the skills of their sport, but many lack strength in basic  movements.

Elite athletes are great due to hard work and genetics.

They can be made better at what they do by letting them play their sport and then filling in the gaps or holes in their movement.

Not by making their workouts more complex, which is so popular among the “Experts.”

(Interestingly enough, when we trained this running back, he said there were a group of guys on the team who went out to some fancy place and did a bunch of fancy sports-specific exercises. These guys always got injured every year.)

It’s very similar to Bruce Lee’s philosophy on Martial Arts –

Strip away what is useless and only focus on what is helpful.

You and I may not be elite athletes (Who are we kidding – we’re not even close – Ha!) but we can use the same  principles in our workouts.

Keep them simple.

Practice a few things well instead of getting caught up in the “variety” trap.

And like elite athletes, make sure you plan in plenty of recovery.

Olympians and other elite athletes have help.

They get massages, daily treatment, whirlpools and the such.

They also get sponsors and stipends from governing bodies to cover expenses. So they don’t have to worry about getting reports in on time or paying their mortgage.

They don’t have the same kind of stress we do.

And we don’t have access to the help that they do.

So we have to make our workouts and recovery different from theirs.

Our workouts should have recovery from our kind of stress programmed in to them.

They should be long enough to get the job done but short enough and simple enough to automatically allow for recovery.

That’s why I created the 49 different simple, but highly effective kettlebell programs for you inside “Kettlebell Express!”

They’re simple enough to get the job done, short enough to allow you to recover, and challenging enough to keep you motivated, satisfied, and most importantly – making progress.

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