What Is The BEST Kettlebell Fitness Routine?

Want a rockin’ body from using a kettlebell fitness routine? Of course you do – otherwise you wouldn’t be reading this article.

So what’s the *very best* kettlebell fitness routine to help you do that?

Are you ready to be surprised?

Here’s my answer –

I don’t know.

Wait – before you groan in disappointment, let me explain quickly.

All of us want the same thing – to look great naked and to feel better about ourselves. But we all come from different backgrounds.

You may have better endurance than I do. I may have more strength than you do.

So doesn’t it make sense that we should probably be doing different kettlebell fitness routines?

Well, yeah – of course it does!

But it doesn’t mean we have to be doing completely different routines – they can, do, and should have some similarities.

Let’s take a closer look…

Common Things In Our Kettlebell Fitness Routines

1. Our kettlebell fitness routines should make us stronger.

Here’s what no one in the mainstream fitness industry will tell you – if you want to get leaner you must get stronger. That’s because getting stronger uses a ton of energy as you move heavier weights than you’re used to. It burns more calories than moving lighter weights. It also gives your body that “hard” look as opposed to the softer look you’re probably used to experiencing.

So, you need to incorporate kettlebell exercises for strength, such as the Get Up, the Press, and the Front Squat. Each of these kettlebell exercises uses all of the muscles in your body (especially your abs – cool huh?). That in turn uses a TON of energy.

And of course, depending on how you set up your strength workouts, you can actually put on a little bit of muscle, which gives your body shape.

2. Our kettlebell fitness routines should make us better conditioned.

The better conditioned you are, the better your health. The better your health, the more likely you’ll burn fat without having to worry about gaining any.

So our kettlebell fitness routines should incorporate kettlebell exercises such as the Swing, the Snatch, and the Clean – either with one kettlebell or two at a time.

Not only that, but by including these particular kettlebell exercises into our routines, we can burn a TON of stored calories – or body fat (yup – fat is nothing more than stored calories). And the more we use the Swing, the Snatch, and the Clean – and their variations, the more body fat we can burn off. Which means of course that we’ll lose weight which of course means that our clothes will fit better and we’ll look better in the mirror and then feel better about ourselves.

3. Our kettlebell fitness routines shouldn’t take much time – 45 minutes 3 days per week maximum.

Forget about what you might have read or done in the past – you don’t need to work out 1 to 2 hours a day six days per week. That’s truly insanity! Who’s got that sort of time? I know I don’t . So, you literally should only use a kettlebell fitness routine that take a little more than 2 hours per week – or roughly 45 minutes per day, 3 days per week.

That’s really all you need. Because if you work out hard enough – that is with the appropriate intensity – 45 minute kettlebell fitness routines will be more than enough.

What you do with the rest of the time you used to work out is completely up to you.

One *BEST* Kettlebell Fitness Routine?

Alright, so you can see that there really can be some similarities in our kettlebell fitness routines. We both need to be stronger. We both need to be better conditioned. We both need to spend our time doing other things than working out, right?

Of course.

So is there really One Kettlebell Fitness Routine that covers all those similarities?

Yes – there is. And it meets you at your current fitness levels and allows you to get stronger and better conditioned – and here’s the important part – at your own pace.

It’s called “Kettlebell Burn” and you can get by clicking the link below –

Click here to get “Kettlebell Burn” – a kettlebell fitness routine that will help you look better both in your clothes and in the mirror and takes less than 3 hours per week.

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