The Best Kettlebell DVD For Women

What is the *best* kettlebell dvd for women?

– It’s one that all women can use regardless of where they’re starting.

– It’s one that will make a woman feel strong, sexy, even sensuous and help her get back her curves.

It’s one that will make her feel like a woman again.

That kettlebell DVD is “The Kettlebell Goddess Workout” by Master Kettlebell Instructor, Andrea Du Cane.

The Kettlebell Goddess Workout - Kettlebell DVD ReviewsAnd if you’re a woman reading this, then this kettlebell dvd is for you.

Andrea herself has been at the very forefront of the kettlebell revolution all the way back in 2001. She’s a mother of two and a baby-boomer. So she has walked a mile in your shoes. And better yet, Andrea looks great!

How This Kettlebell DVD Is Structured

Dr. Kristann Heinz discusses the medical benefits of kettlebell training along with exercise guidelines. She also covers topics important to women, like how to exercise with kettlebells while pregnant.

Andrea provides a “Quick Start” guide for beginner kettlebell users to follow before they jump into the Goddess workouts.

Andrea starts each of the workouts with a specific warm-up for that day. Her daughter, Nicole, and fellow RKC, Dr. Kristann Heinz, demonstrate each exercise from different views.

They then take you through the workouts – yes, this is a work along kettlebell dvd for women (Nice!).

And finally, they take you through a series of cool down stretches to help you recover from these intense (yet fun) kettlebell workouts.

The Workouts In This Kettlebell DVD For Women

There are 6 different kettlebell workouts – each with a different focus. Here’s a quick breakdown:

Workout 1 – Artemis: Goddess of the Hunt

Workout Focus: Upper Body

Kettlebell exercises used: Windmills, Chest Press, See Saw Press, French Press, Crush Curl, Swings, Cleans, Snatches.

Workout 2 – Auxesia: Goddess of Growth

Workout Focus: Abs & Core

Kettlebell exercises used: Turkish Get Up, Renegade Rows, Farmers Walks, Slow KB Twist, Russian Twist and Power Breathing situps.

Workout 3 – Athena: Goddess of Wisdom and Military Victory

Workout Focus: Full Body Strength

Kettlebell exercises used: Military Press, Front Squat, Lat Pull, 1-Legged Deadlift, Clean/Press/Overhead Squat

Workout 4 – Callipygos: Aphrodite’s last name, means “beautiful buttocks”

Workout Focus: Legs & Butt

Kettlebell exercises used: Pistols, Front Squat, 1-legged Deadlift, Step-Back Lunges, Good Mornings

Workout 5 – Nike: Goddess of Victory

Workout Focus: Cardio & Endurance

Kettlebell exercises used: Clean/Squat/Press, Snatches, Swing/Catch/Squat, Snatches, Walking Swings, Rolling Deck Squats.

Workout 6 – Odyne: Goddess of Pain

Workout Focus: Strength & Cardio Kick-Butt

Kettlebell exercises used: Swings, 1-Legged Military Press, Walking Swings, 1-Legged Lat Pull, Snatches, Dragon Walks, Double Swings, Double Cleans.

You don’t have to do all these kettlebell workouts in one week either. You can do them every other day and do all 6 kettlebell workouts over the course of 2 weeks. Of course, you can also do them 6 days per week, which, although challenging, may make recovery a bit of a struggle, especially if you have a family to manage/raise.

Overall, “The Kettlebell Goddess Workout” kettlebell DVD for women is an EXCELLENT choice for all women of all ages – I strongly recommend it.

Click here to get your copy of “The Kettlebell Goddess Workout” DVD.

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