The “F-P-F” Workout

I’m 110% certain you’ve never seen or heard of this workout before.

Go ahead, google it – I’ll wait… (taps fingers to the Muzak…)

Didn’t find it, right?

That’s cause it’s so old, it’s new again.


It’s not based on fancy sets or reps.

No new “secret” techniques either.


Just old school, hardcore, Grandpa-type training.

What exactly is the “F-P-F” Workout?


Lemme explain.


Most people “work out” to “get in shape”.

That’s as far as they can see.

No definitive goals, so no definitive results.

By contrast, when you focus on something, it receives your attention, sometime undivided.

The more of your attention it receives, the more energy you spend and the more aware you become of the process and whether or not it matches your desired outcome.

Focus is a part of your vision – or how and what you see.

And vision is needed to achieve your goals, to get results.



That’s a word this “i” generation doesn’t get. (Along with focus methinks.) If something doesn’t “work” immediately there’s always something else to “try” – something else to distract you and make you “feel” good.

Perseverance is just sticking with something long enough to measure a tangible outcome.

Simple. It goes hand-in-hand with focus.

It’s a “no quit” attitude when things don’t “look” like they’re ”happening.”

Which brings us to –


… Which is often defined as the confidence of what is hoped for and the assurance of what’s unseen.

Faith is like a seed you plant in the ground and tend.

You can’t see what’s going on in the seed when it’s in the ground, you only know it’s supposed to be a stalk of corn or whatever.

You just keep doing what you’re supposed to be doing to get that seed to fulfill its destiny – to become a stalk of corn, whether you see or understand what’s going on.

Without Focus, Perseverance, and Faith, you may as well just throw your kettlebell out and go plop your butt on the couch like so many people who have “tried” before.

See, any workout, any program is a “F-P-F” Workout – you just have to DO it.


Until you see results.

And then keep doing it.

Here are your new “F-P-F” workouts.

Do them and get the results you crave.

Talk soon.


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