Police Officer Uses ONE 24kg Kettlebell – Loses 5 Pounds In 6 Weeks

… With no change in his diet.

As you know, I believe wholeheartedly in manipulating diet for fat loss.

But sometimes, it’s not the diet that makes the difference.

Like when your life is stressful.

Or really stressful, like an old client of mine, David, who is a Sergeant running a drug enforcement task force.

I haven’t seen him in a couple of years but he just shot me this email I thought you’d get a kick out of –

“Just wanted to drop you a line on my results on just one of your programs in Kettlebell Express. I have been an off and on client of yours over the years but decided to invest in your booklet to see what I could do.

I selected one of your versions of Basic Training in which the RKC 6 were the exercises used. I won’t give the program so you can post this review but it was goblet squats/ Swings, Presses/ Snatches, and Get-ups/Cleans.

I committed for 6 weeks and got great results just in numbers. I started the program at 205 lbs. and finished at 200. And that was without any adjustment to my diet. I used a single 24kg bell. Week one saw 150 total reps of the Goblet Squat/swing pair, 128 total reps of the Press/Snatch pair, and 70 total reps of the Get-up/clean pair.

Week 6 produced 195 reps for Goblets/Swings, 180 reps for Press/Snatch, and 120 reps for Get-ups/Cleans. Needless to say, the volume went way up. Really greased the groove on the six exercises. Saw a noticeable difference in shoulder girdle musculature.

… thanks for what you do!”

This program David’s talking about is only 3 days a week, 20 minutes a day for a total workout time of 60 minutes a week.

That’s it.

Imagine losing 5 pounds without trying, by working out less, even when you’re stressed out.

You can when you, like David, use the programs inside “Kettlebell Express.”

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Talk soon.


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