The “F-P-F” Workout

I’m 110% certain you’ve never seen or heard of this workout before.

Go ahead, google it – I’ll wait… (taps fingers to the Muzak…)

Didn’t find it, right?

That’s cause it’s so old, it’s new again.


It’s not based on fancy sets or reps.

No new “secret” techniques either.


Just old school, hardcore, Grandpa-type training.

What exactly is the “F-P-F” Workout?


Lemme explain.


Most people “work out” to “get in shape”.

That’s as far as they can see.

No definitive goals, so no definitive results.

By contrast, when you focus on something, it receives your attention, sometime undivided.

The more of your attention it receives, the more energy you spend and the more aware you become of the process and whether or not it matches your desired outcome.

Focus is a part of your vision – or how and what you see.

And vision is needed to achieve your goals, to get results.



That’s a word this “i” generation doesn’t get. (Along with focus methinks.) If something doesn’t “work” immediately there’s always something else to “try” – something else to distract you and make you “feel” good.

Perseverance is just sticking with something long enough to measure a tangible outcome.

Simple. It goes hand-in-hand with focus.

It’s a “no quit” attitude when things don’t “look” like they’re ”happening.”

Which brings us to –


… Which is often defined as the confidence of what is hoped for and the assurance of what’s unseen.

Faith is like a seed you plant in the ground and tend.

You can’t see what’s going on in the seed when it’s in the ground, you only know it’s supposed to be a stalk of corn or whatever.

You just keep doing what you’re supposed to be doing to get that seed to fulfill its destiny – to become a stalk of corn, whether you see or understand what’s going on.

Without Focus, Perseverance, and Faith, you may as well just throw your kettlebell out and go plop your butt on the couch like so many people who have “tried” before.

See, any workout, any program is a “F-P-F” Workout – you just have to DO it.


Until you see results.

And then keep doing it.

Here are your new “F-P-F” workouts.

Do them and get the results you crave.

Talk soon.


The Best Kettlebell Workouts To Burn Maximum Fat

Kettlebell workouts are becoming wildly popular today. They’re everywhere from your local Target to NBC’s, “The Biggest Loser.” But what kind of results are people seeing?

I guess that depends on the kettlebell routine. Some are hit, and some are miss. Here’s what you absolutely must know about kettlebell workouts in order to burn fat.

Kettlebell Workouts – 3 Necessary Principles Of Fat Burning

When you search for kettlebell workouts on the internet, you’ll never know what you may find. Many kettlebell workouts look like they’re just thrown together haphazardly, with little or no purpose other than to get “a workout in.”

When your using kettlebell exercises to burn fat (and to a certain extent – any exercises), you need to pick not only the correct exercises, but also the correct set up, or loading parameters for those exercises.

Here are the three things you must do with your kettlebell workout routines in order to burn maximum calories, and therefore, fat.

1. Lift Heavy (for you)

2. Lift Explosively

3. Manage Fatigue

Now before any of those ideas scare you, let’s take a closer look at “why” these are the best methods to incorporate into our kettlebell workouts.

3 Kettlebell Workouts Secrets Stolen From Elite Athletes

When we look into the world of elite athletes, we see that they are lean, muscular, and strong. (Not the endurance ones like marathoners – they’re skinny and weak.) These athletes have very little if any belly fat, leg fat, or chest fat. Their bodies look and work the way they’re designed to and coincidentally are the way we want ours to look and feel.

Secret #1: Lift Heavy.

The first thing you need to know about these athletes, is that they train for strength in order to make their performance in their sporting events better.


Because training for strength allows you to do more work. And for athletes, more work means running faster, or lifting heavier weights, or jumping higher.

And the way you train for strength is to lift heavy – or heavy for you. Take a look at elite middleweight powerlifters, weightlifters, and even track and field athletes. All of them are strong AND lean.

Getting stronger, especially with kettlebells, means that you can ultimately do more work.

And doing more work means you will burn more calories. And burning more calories means you’re burning more fat.

So that’s one reason to lift heavy kettlebells.

The second is even cooler – lifting heavy targets very specific parts of your muscles that use a ton of energy. These are called Type 2 muscle fibers. And they are only activated when you lift heavy.

So by actually lifting heavy, you are burning more calories than when you lift lighter weights.

But it gets even better than that!

Third, When you lift heavy, not only do you use the energy-gulping Type 2 muscle fibers, but you are also using the rest of the muscles in your body a lot more. That’s because these muscles have to stabilize your body to keep it from bending or twisting in the wrong way.

In essence it’s almost like you’re using twice the amount of energy you would with lighter kettlebells.

And the really cool thing about using kettlebell routines that incorporate heavy lifting, is that the kettlebell itself makes your body work harder, due to it’s offset handle. This makes those stabilizer muscles work harder than if you used a dumbbell or any other piece of exercise equipment.

So, by lifting heavy kettlebells to burn fat you are making all the muscles in your body work harder than they normally would using any other piece of equipment. And that means you’re going to burn more calories – calories that will come from your stomach fat, your leg fat, and all the other fat on your body.

Secret #2: Lift Explosively.

Here’s another little secret that virtually no one knows – elite athletes move explosively, or at least as fast as they can.

On the surface, that seems kind of a strange thing to say, but the athlete who can move the fastest, more often than not wins.

And moving fast requires producing a lot of power. And the best way to produce a lot of power is by moving explosively. And producing a lot of power requires a lot of energy – energy that comes from calories stored as fat on your body.

Unfortunately, the only way to lift explosively with conventional exercises and routines is to sprint, jump and throw medicine balls around or learn the Olympic lifts. For many, those options are impractical at least, and dangerous at worst.

Kettlebell training allows you to train explosively without having to overcome those impractical options, by incorporating specific explosive kettlebell exercises (called ballistics) like the Kettlebell Swing and the Kettlebell Snatch into your routine. And by using these explosive kettlebell exercises, you can perform literally hundreds of explosive fat-burning repetitions each week, literally melting the fat off your body.

But it gets even better that that.

Not only does lifting explosively help you burn more calories, but it also lets you eat more carbs than normal because your muscle cells become more sensitive to the powerful storage hormone, insulin.

This means you can eat more of your favorite foods and still lose body fat!

There’s one more secret that when combined with kettlebell training will help you burn maximum amounts of fat…

Secret #3: Manage Fatigue

If most people don’t know about lifting explosively, I’d say 99% of all people working out to lose fat miss this secret.

The key is to learn how to manage your fatigue levels. See, when you (your muscles) get tired, they can’t contract as hard, which means they can’t produce as much force. And when they can’t produce as much force, you’re not using as much energy as you were before.

This of course then means you’re not burning as many calories, and therefore fat, as before.

So, the best kettlebell workouts will be structured in such a way as to allow you to lift heavy, and lift explosively, and therefore burn a ton of calories (fat) without killing you each and every set.

Now that we’ve seen how to structure your kettlebell workout routines, what are some of the best exercises to include in your fat-burning kettlebell workouts?

Best Kettlebell Exercises To Include In Your Kettlebell Workouts

Every kettlebell workout designed to burn fat should include at least one, if not most of these kettlebell exercises.

The Kettlebell Swing

The Kettlebell Swing is the most basic and foundational of all the kettlebell exercises. It works your legs, your hips, your abs, your arms, and your grip, especially when you go heavy. You should spend a lot of time working with the Kettlebell Swing to help refine your technique on the other kettlebell exercises. It should be the foundation of your kettlebell routine when you first start out, and probably a long while after that.

Here’s a video:

The Get Up / Turkish Get Up

The Get Up is another fundamental kettlebell exercise. It teaches you how to move your body under your arm and is great for shoulder rehab. Not only that, but it’s good for teaching you how to lock your hips to your torso by way of your abs (core).

Here’s a video:

The Kettlebell Clean

The Kettlebell Clean is one of the kettlebell exercises that’s often overlooked. Primarily you can think of it as the “delivery system” to get your kettlebell to your shoulder so you can Press or Squat. But it can be so much more than that. It’s a really good exercise to put some muscle on your arms if you’re a guy or tone them up if you’re a girl.

Here’s a video:

The Kettlebell Press

The Kettlebell Press is one of THE best upper body strength exercises. It strengthens all the muscles around your shoulders, including your chest, upper back, lats, and arms – both biceps and triceps. And when you perform it correctly, with your shoulder packed, it really works your lats hard, taking the strain off the shoulder joint and transferring it to the muscles.

The Kettlebell Press does this more so than any other form of pressing that I’m aware of, and that’s due to the shape of the kettlebell, with its offset handle. It pulls the shoulder down into the socket and makes the lat work harder than with dumbbells or barbells.

Here’s a video:

The Kettlebell Snatch

The Kettlebell Snatch is often called “The Tsar (King) of Kettlebell Lifts” because of it’s technical requirements and the phenomenal results it produces. It works the entire body, especially your hips, abs, shoulders, upper back, arms, and grip. And when you perform it for enough reps, it literally melts the fat from your body.

Here’s a video:

The Goblet Squat

The Goblet Squat is the fastest, easiest way for anyone to learn how to squat. It will literally having you squatting almost butt-to-heels in minutes. It’s also a fantastic mobility drill for the hips, ankles, and knees. More mobility in the lower body is absolutely a must in order to burn more fat. More mobility = more muscles used = more energy used = more calories burned = more fat lost. The Goblet Squat will get you there.

Here’s a video:

The Kettlebell Front Squat

The Kettlebell Front Squat is a step up from the Goblet Squat. You hold the kettlebell in the “rack” position – a combination of your upper arm, shoulder, and chest – and then squat. Because the kettlebell is off-center and only on one side, this makes your abs work overtime. Again, creating that demand for stability we talked about earlier that burns extra calories.

Any time you work your legs, you’re going to burn more calories, especially in the Kettlebell Front Squat.

Here’s a video:

Putting Your Kettlebell Workouts Into A Routine

At this point you’re probably wondering how you put these kettlebell exercises into a routine.

Here’s what I recommend:

  1. Pick a time and a place you can do your kettlebell workouts on a consistent basis. Consistency trumps intensity.
  2. Pick the number of days you can commit to your kettlebell workouts. 3 days a week, every other day is usually best.
  3. Pick the length of time you can commit to working out on each day. 45 minutes is about right. More is not necessary.
  4. Pick 3 to 5 kettlebell exercises to do each workout.
  5. Train your technique first on each exercise, then push the “workout” mentality later on.

Here’s a “done-for-you” fat burning kettlebell workout you’ll enjoy.

Kettlebell Workouts FAQ

Here are some frequently asked questions that I’ve had to answer, so I thought I’d just put them here.

What are the best kettlebell workouts for women?

Most kettlebell workouts for women are no different, or shouldn’t be much different than kettlebell workouts for men. They should all include the basic exercises, such as the Kettlebell Swing and the Kettlebell Press to work the lower and upper body respectively.

Since women have weaker upper bodies then men, women should incorporate more direct strength work in their kettlebell routines for their upper body.

And finally, the only difference I would suggest in kettlebell workout routines among women is for women who have just had a baby. They should focus on getting their pelvic floor, abdominals, and gluts working again before taking on any aggressive kettlebell training.

What are the best kettlebell workout routines for weight loss?

The best kettlebell workout routines for weight loss are principle based – like the 3 mentioned in this article. Here’s one that lots of people have done with great success.

Should you learn from kettlebell exercise videos?

You most certainly can learn all the kettlebell exercises from specific kettlebell videos. But not all are created equal. There’s a ton of crap on the market. Look for one by a certified kettlebell instructor – an RKC.

Here’s a good kettlebell video for beginners.

Are there any advanced kettlebell exercises that burn fat faster than the ones you listed here?

There are a ton of advanced kettlebell exercises that burn fat faster than the ones shown here – they usually just the ones listed here but you do them with two kettlebells – holding one in each hand. This makes it much more challenging. And you’ll burn a ton more calories. Hence the label “advanced.”

Should I learn how to do kettlebell exercises from a certified kettlebell instructor and if so, who do you recommend?

Finding and working with a certified kettlebell instructor – and RKC – is your best bet. I used kettlebells for 3 years on my own, just working from video. I didn’t really “get it” until 2005 when I went to the RKC – The Russian Kettlebell Challenge – a kettlebell certification course in 2005

Other Kettlebell Workouts Resources:

If you’re looking for the best kettlebell workouts for burning fat, get Kettlebell Burn.

It uses all the secrets elite athletes do to look the way they look. The only difference is that you can look that way without ever leaving the comfort of your own home.

Is This REALLY The Best Kettlebell DVD For Beginners?

There seems to be a kettlebell DVD for just about everything these days – women, men, golf (yes, golf) and everything else. Mostly, however, the most popular kettlebell DVDs are focused on kettlebell workouts.

And that’s the problem.

Most people just want to get a great workout without ever focusing on the technique of each kettlebell exercise.

And that’s another major problem because that will lead to injury.

So that means that something’s missing. And that’s a kettlebell DVD for beginners.

So What’s The Best Kettlebell DVD For Beginners?

To date, just about everybody in the United States and the West who’s learned how to use kettlebells have been influenced by one man – the man responsible for the Russian Kettlebell Invasion that started in 2001 – Pavel Tsatsouline, the Evil Russian.

(No he’s not really “evil” but he is Russian.)

And he has created a kettlebell program and a kettlebell DVD for beginners called Enter the Kettlebell! It is the BEST kettlebell training program AND kettlebell workout for beginners.

In fact, you could just use the two kettlebell workouts / kettlebell programs in ETK for the rest of your life and get amazingly strong and superbly conditioned, lose a ton of body fat, and get in better and better shape each and every year for just about the rest of your life.

No kidding.

Enter the Kettlebell - The Best Kettlebell DVD For BeginnersIn ETK, Pavel starts you by learning the two foundational kettlebell exercises – the kettlebell swing and the Turkish Get Up (called the Get Up).

The kettlebell swing strengthens your hips, legs, abs, upper back, and arms. Not only that, it is a powerful total-body conditioning exercise that will, if you’re interested, rip the fat off your body.

It forms the foundation for all the other ballistic kettlebell exercises like the clean and the snatch which you will learn later on to take your strength and conditioning levels to new heights.

The Get Up is a fantastic total body kettlebell exercise. If the kettlebell swing is ballistic (explosive and fast) the Get Up is the exact opposite – it is performed slowly and methodically. It’s great for strengthening worn out, busted shoulders (bench press anyone?) and for strengthening the legs one at a time. It’s also a phenomenal abdominal exercise as well.

Pavel shows you introductory exercises for each exercise and also corrective drills in case you struggle to perform them.

Finally, he wraps up this particular section with a very special, simple, and effective kettlebell workout program.

Once you’ve gotten the kettlebell swing and the Get Up down, Pavel then shows you how to perform more advanced kettlebell exercises – the clean, the press, and the snatch. (These three kettlebell exercises are based on the kettlebell swing and the Get Up – so make sure you have those two down before moving on to this section.)

Pavel, the "Evil Russian" - creator of the best kettlebell dvd for beginnersAnd again Pavel shows you how to perform each exercise, drills to help you polish your technique, and again exercises to help you correct your techniques if they are quite up to par.

You will also learn about the second kettlebell workout program in ETK. (It’s actually in the book which you can get here.) And like I mentioned earlier, it’s really the only kettlebell workout you ever really “need.” It is fully comprehensive and will work every single muscle in your body. Daily. And it will help you reach a level of fitness not only that you never even dreamed of, but weren’t even aware that it existed.

When you’re looking for the best kettlebell DVD for beginners, look no further than Enter the Kettlebell! from Pavel – the man who started the modern Russian kettlebell revolution.

Click here to get your copy of Enter the Kettlebell! and get started with the best ever beginner’s DVD on the market.

Kettlebell DVD Workouts For REAL Men

What’s the deal with kettlebell DVD workouts for men? There aren’t a whole lot on the market that are really worth anything.

Why is that exactly?

It’s quite simple really – Real men don’t follow “work along” kettlebell DVDs (or any other DVD for that matter).

Sure, Real Men will watch a kettlebell DVD with specific workouts on it, but since most real men will workout with heavier, “non-wussified” kettlebells, it’s hard to follow along to pumping music and some sort of counting cadence. Sure, that’s great for lighter weights, ladies, and wussy-boys, but Real Men need to get strong and to do that they (you?) need heavier weights – heavier kettlebells.

So, are there any high quality kettlebell DVD workouts for men?

There sure are.

There are three that I can think of.

And before I tell you about them, let me tell you why they are acceptable kettlebell DVDs for men.

1. They emphasize the skill of strength using heavier kettlebells

2. They show you the technical breakdown of the kettlebell exercises so you can practice them and get stronger

3. They are by a very strong man and the originator of the Russian kettlebell invasion here in the West – Pavel Tsatsouline.

Beginner / Intermediate Kettlebell DVD Workouts For Men

Kettlebell workouts for men should be based on a foundation of one kettlebell. And they should be based on the two most fundamental and foundational kettlebell exercises – the kettlebell swing and the Turkish Get Up.

Enter the Kettlebell - Kettlebell DVD Workouts For MenThe best and easiest kettlebell workouts DVD for men is Pavel’s, Enter the Kettlebell – Strength Secret Of The Soviet Supermen. In it he shows you how to perform the best kettlebell exercises for making a man strong – both physically strong from a muscular and cardiovascular perspective, but emotionally strong through tough, but fun kettlebell workouts.

In Enter the Kettlebell, Pavel not only demonstrates each kettlebell exercise a man should know, but shows you common mistakes and corrections for those mistakes to help ensure you become more of a man than you currently are now.

In ETK, Pavel demonstrates the following kettlebell exercises: the swing, the Turkish Get Up, the clean, the press, and the snatch.

There are also two different kettlebell workouts in ETK, one for a rank beginner called “The Program Minimum,” and another meant as something for you to progress toward or for an intermediate kettlebell user already familiar with the basic kettlebell exercises, called “The Rite of Passage.” Both the PM and the ROP are designed to get you phenomenally strong and super-conditioned.

Click here to get the strength of the Soviet Superman with Enter the Kettlebell!


Intermediate Kettlebell DVD Workouts For Men

Once you’ve become familiar with Enter the Kettlebell and the two kettlebell workouts in there, you are ready for some other great kettlebell exercises in the kettlebell DVD, More Russian Kettlebell Challenges.

More Russian Kettlebell Challenges - Kettlebell DVD Workouts For MenIn it you’ll find challenging kettlebell exercises such as the Seated Kettlebell Press – definitely guaranteed to blast your abs, the resisted hurdle stretch with a kettlebell, the kettlebell front squat, the RKC arm bar, and many others for a total of 25 new, unique, and cruel kettlebell exercises. There are a single kettlebell exercises, double kettlebell exercises, and specialized kettlebell flexibility exercises.

All in all, you’ll find “More…” a challenging and fun kettlebell DVD guaranteed to give you plenty of fodder for your own kettlebell workouts.


Click here when your ready for even More Russian Kettlebell Challenges.


Advanced Kettlebell DVD Workouts For Men

When you’ve completed the “Rite of Passage” from Enter the Kettlebell you’re ready for the “Mac-Daddy” of all kettlebell workouts for men – Return of the Kettlebell, where not only will you get strong as an ox, you’ll pack on slabs of muscle like beef as well. Not only that, you’ll be able to eat like a horse as well.

The RTK kettlebell workouts are based on the double kettlebell exercises, such as the double kettlebell snatch, the double kettlebell clean and jerk, the double kettlebell press, and the double kettlebell front squat.

And these kettlebell workouts are downright brutal and they will not only make you question your manhood but will elevate your conditioning to super-human levels. Imagine being able to do 150 reps of double kettlebell clean and jerks in one workout. Now imagine being able to do them with a pair of 70 pound kettlebells. The RTK kettlebell workouts will help you achieve just that.

Click here to become the “Mac-Daddy” with Return of the Kettlebell!


So, my fellow man, when you’re looking for real kettlebell DVD workouts for men – real men, like yourself, make sure you add Enter the Kettlebell, More Russian Kettlebell Challenges, and Return of the Kettlebell to your kettlebell DVD library and grow from man to superman.

What Is The BEST Kettlebell Fitness Routine?

Want a rockin’ body from using a kettlebell fitness routine? Of course you do – otherwise you wouldn’t be reading this article.

So what’s the *very best* kettlebell fitness routine to help you do that?

Are you ready to be surprised?

Here’s my answer –

I don’t know.

Wait – before you groan in disappointment, let me explain quickly.

All of us want the same thing – to look great naked and to feel better about ourselves. But we all come from different backgrounds.

You may have better endurance than I do. I may have more strength than you do.

So doesn’t it make sense that we should probably be doing different kettlebell fitness routines?

Well, yeah – of course it does!

But it doesn’t mean we have to be doing completely different routines – they can, do, and should have some similarities.

Let’s take a closer look…

Common Things In Our Kettlebell Fitness Routines

1. Our kettlebell fitness routines should make us stronger.

Here’s what no one in the mainstream fitness industry will tell you – if you want to get leaner you must get stronger. That’s because getting stronger uses a ton of energy as you move heavier weights than you’re used to. It burns more calories than moving lighter weights. It also gives your body that “hard” look as opposed to the softer look you’re probably used to experiencing.

So, you need to incorporate kettlebell exercises for strength, such as the Get Up, the Press, and the Front Squat. Each of these kettlebell exercises uses all of the muscles in your body (especially your abs – cool huh?). That in turn uses a TON of energy.

And of course, depending on how you set up your strength workouts, you can actually put on a little bit of muscle, which gives your body shape.

2. Our kettlebell fitness routines should make us better conditioned.

The better conditioned you are, the better your health. The better your health, the more likely you’ll burn fat without having to worry about gaining any.

So our kettlebell fitness routines should incorporate kettlebell exercises such as the Swing, the Snatch, and the Clean – either with one kettlebell or two at a time.

Not only that, but by including these particular kettlebell exercises into our routines, we can burn a TON of stored calories – or body fat (yup – fat is nothing more than stored calories). And the more we use the Swing, the Snatch, and the Clean – and their variations, the more body fat we can burn off. Which means of course that we’ll lose weight which of course means that our clothes will fit better and we’ll look better in the mirror and then feel better about ourselves.

3. Our kettlebell fitness routines shouldn’t take much time – 45 minutes 3 days per week maximum.

Forget about what you might have read or done in the past – you don’t need to work out 1 to 2 hours a day six days per week. That’s truly insanity! Who’s got that sort of time? I know I don’t . So, you literally should only use a kettlebell fitness routine that take a little more than 2 hours per week – or roughly 45 minutes per day, 3 days per week.

That’s really all you need. Because if you work out hard enough – that is with the appropriate intensity – 45 minute kettlebell fitness routines will be more than enough.

What you do with the rest of the time you used to work out is completely up to you.

One *BEST* Kettlebell Fitness Routine?

Alright, so you can see that there really can be some similarities in our kettlebell fitness routines. We both need to be stronger. We both need to be better conditioned. We both need to spend our time doing other things than working out, right?

Of course.

So is there really One Kettlebell Fitness Routine that covers all those similarities?

Yes – there is. And it meets you at your current fitness levels and allows you to get stronger and better conditioned – and here’s the important part – at your own pace.

It’s called “Kettlebell Burn” and you can get by clicking the link below –

Click here to get “Kettlebell Burn” – a kettlebell fitness routine that will help you look better both in your clothes and in the mirror and takes less than 3 hours per week.

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