Kettlebell Workouts: The “Secret Strategy” For Burning Gobs Of Fat

Kettlebell workouts are among the most popular workouts in the US for burning fat right now.

But did you know that many, if not most people fail to see the success they desire?

It’s true and it’s all because they don’t know this “Secret Strategy” in their kettlebell workouts.

But before I reveal what this “secret strategy” is, let’s look at some common mistakes that keep people who are doing kettlebell workouts from losing fat.

Mistake #1: Using the kettlebell like a dumbbell.

This is the dumbest mistake going. It shows that there is a fundamental lack of understanding of how to use the kettlebell and it’s benefits. Why not just use the dumbbell? Seriously.

stupid kettlebell exercises

Why Not Just Use Dumbbells...?

Mistake #2: Using “traditional” set and rep schemes.

By traditional set and rep schemes, I mean 2×12, 3×15 – schemes like that. The truth is, the very nature of some of the kettlebell exercises, such as the Swing, Clean, and Snatch, allows you to do A TON more work than that. And that’s one of the keys to making progress – more work.

Mistake #3: Using the wrong sized kettlebell.

Nothing drives me crazier than seeing “Smiling Suzie Spandex” on TV holding her 4 pound kettlebell and twirling it around her head. I mean, why bother?

Here’s the the Truth: Properly designed kettlebell workouts allow you to use kettlebells that are heavier than you imagined you could use.

It is not uncommon for women to start with 18lbs and work up to routinely using 35lbs plus! (I actually have a female client who routinely uses 35lbs – 53lbs for ALL of her kettlebell exercises – and she still retains her femininity!)


This is a VERY IMPORTANT concept for you, as a woman to grasp. See, you’ve been indoctrinated – LIED TO – that you need to work out completely differently from a man – that you need to use lighter weights in order to prevent you from becoming “big and bulky.”*

If you only take one thing away from this article – I want it to be this: That is a Damnable Lie!

And worse yet, it’s been perpetuated on you by hucksters and scam artists that just want your money!

Here’s More Truth: You need to be strong in order to burn calories. The stronger you are, the more calories you can burn because you can do more work, and the more fat you can lose.

And properly designed kettlebell workouts for women will give you the fat loss and body you’re looking for.

Alright, enough of the most common mistakes people make with their kettlebell workouts and enough ranting – let’s get on to the “secret strategy.”

Here it is:

To burn as much fat as possible, do as much work as possible during your kettlebell workouts in as short a time frame as possible.

Let’s break it down.

    1. In order to do as much work as possible, you must have great technique with your kettlebell exercises. This means you have to have practiced the basics.
    2. In order to do as much work as possible, you must select the correct exercises – the ones that allow you to do a ton of work per unit of time. Examples are the kettlebell Swing and the kettlebell Snatch.
    3. In order to do as much work as possible, you must use the appropriate sized kettlebell – one that’s “just right” – not too light an not too heavy. This is one that will allow you to perform at least 30 seconds of work per set.
    4. In order to do as much work as possible, your kettlebell workouts must have a definitive duration. They don’t necessarily have to be long – 20-30 minutes will work, but they must have a pre-determined start and finish time.
    5. And finally, the Top Tactic to use in this Secret Strategy for fat loss is the Interval Method, during your definitive duration. Select specified work periods, like 30 seconds and alternate them with specific rest periods, say, 30 seconds. Do this for your specified time period.

For example, 2 hand Swings for 20 minutes – doing as many Swings as possible in 30 seconds and resting for 30 seconds. (Don’t overlook that – I just gave you one of the very best fat burning kettlebell workouts!)

So there you have it – not only do you have the “Secret Strategy” for burning gobs of fat with your kettlebell workouts, but also one of the Top Tactics as well.

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