Kettlebell DVD Workouts For REAL Men

What’s the deal with kettlebell DVD workouts for men? There aren’t a whole lot on the market that are really worth anything.

Why is that exactly?

It’s quite simple really – Real men don’t follow “work along” kettlebell DVDs (or any other DVD for that matter).

Sure, Real Men will watch a kettlebell DVD with specific workouts on it, but since most real men will workout with heavier, “non-wussified” kettlebells, it’s hard to follow along to pumping music and some sort of counting cadence. Sure, that’s great for lighter weights, ladies, and wussy-boys, but Real Men need to get strong and to do that they (you?) need heavier weights – heavier kettlebells.

So, are there any high quality kettlebell DVD workouts for men?

There sure are.

There are three that I can think of.

And before I tell you about them, let me tell you why they are acceptable kettlebell DVDs for men.

1. They emphasize the skill of strength using heavier kettlebells

2. They show you the technical breakdown of the kettlebell exercises so you can practice them and get stronger

3. They are by a very strong man and the originator of the Russian kettlebell invasion here in the West – Pavel Tsatsouline.

Beginner / Intermediate Kettlebell DVD Workouts For Men

Kettlebell workouts for men should be based on a foundation of one kettlebell. And they should be based on the two most fundamental and foundational kettlebell exercises – the kettlebell swing and the Turkish Get Up.

Enter the Kettlebell - Kettlebell DVD Workouts For MenThe best and easiest kettlebell workouts DVD for men is Pavel’s, Enter the Kettlebell – Strength Secret Of The Soviet Supermen. In it he shows you how to perform the best kettlebell exercises for making a man strong – both physically strong from a muscular and cardiovascular perspective, but emotionally strong through tough, but fun kettlebell workouts.

In Enter the Kettlebell, Pavel not only demonstrates each kettlebell exercise a man should know, but shows you common mistakes and corrections for those mistakes to help ensure you become more of a man than you currently are now.

In ETK, Pavel demonstrates the following kettlebell exercises: the swing, the Turkish Get Up, the clean, the press, and the snatch.

There are also two different kettlebell workouts in ETK, one for a rank beginner called “The Program Minimum,” and another meant as something for you to progress toward or for an intermediate kettlebell user already familiar with the basic kettlebell exercises, called “The Rite of Passage.” Both the PM and the ROP are designed to get you phenomenally strong and super-conditioned.

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Intermediate Kettlebell DVD Workouts For Men

Once you’ve become familiar with Enter the Kettlebell and the two kettlebell workouts in there, you are ready for some other great kettlebell exercises in the kettlebell DVD, More Russian Kettlebell Challenges.

More Russian Kettlebell Challenges - Kettlebell DVD Workouts For MenIn it you’ll find challenging kettlebell exercises such as the Seated Kettlebell Press – definitely guaranteed to blast your abs, the resisted hurdle stretch with a kettlebell, the kettlebell front squat, the RKC arm bar, and many others for a total of 25 new, unique, and cruel kettlebell exercises. There are a single kettlebell exercises, double kettlebell exercises, and specialized kettlebell flexibility exercises.

All in all, you’ll find “More…” a challenging and fun kettlebell DVD guaranteed to give you plenty of fodder for your own kettlebell workouts.


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Advanced Kettlebell DVD Workouts For Men

When you’ve completed the “Rite of Passage” from Enter the Kettlebell you’re ready for the “Mac-Daddy” of all kettlebell workouts for men – Return of the Kettlebell, where not only will you get strong as an ox, you’ll pack on slabs of muscle like beef as well. Not only that, you’ll be able to eat like a horse as well.

The RTK kettlebell workouts are based on the double kettlebell exercises, such as the double kettlebell snatch, the double kettlebell clean and jerk, the double kettlebell press, and the double kettlebell front squat.

And these kettlebell workouts are downright brutal and they will not only make you question your manhood but will elevate your conditioning to super-human levels. Imagine being able to do 150 reps of double kettlebell clean and jerks in one workout. Now imagine being able to do them with a pair of 70 pound kettlebells. The RTK kettlebell workouts will help you achieve just that.

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So, my fellow man, when you’re looking for real kettlebell DVD workouts for men – real men, like yourself, make sure you add Enter the Kettlebell, More Russian Kettlebell Challenges, and Return of the Kettlebell to your kettlebell DVD library and grow from man to superman.

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