Is This REALLY The Best Kettlebell DVD For Beginners?

There seems to be a kettlebell DVD for just about everything these days – women, men, golf (yes, golf) and everything else. Mostly, however, the most popular kettlebell DVDs are focused on kettlebell workouts.

And that’s the problem.

Most people just want to get a great workout without ever focusing on the technique of each kettlebell exercise.

And that’s another major problem because that will lead to injury.

So that means that something’s missing. And that’s a kettlebell DVD for beginners.

So What’s The Best Kettlebell DVD For Beginners?

To date, just about everybody in the United States and the West who’s learned how to use kettlebells have been influenced by one man – the man responsible for the Russian Kettlebell Invasion that started in 2001 – Pavel Tsatsouline, the Evil Russian.

(No he’s not really “evil” but he is Russian.)

And he has created a kettlebell program and a kettlebell DVD for beginners called Enter the Kettlebell! It is the BEST kettlebell training program AND kettlebell workout for beginners.

In fact, you could just use the two kettlebell workouts / kettlebell programs in ETK for the rest of your life and get amazingly strong and superbly conditioned, lose a ton of body fat, and get in better and better shape each and every year for just about the rest of your life.

No kidding.

Enter the Kettlebell - The Best Kettlebell DVD For BeginnersIn ETK, Pavel starts you by learning the two foundational kettlebell exercises – the kettlebell swing and the Turkish Get Up (called the Get Up).

The kettlebell swing strengthens your hips, legs, abs, upper back, and arms. Not only that, it is a powerful total-body conditioning exercise that will, if you’re interested, rip the fat off your body.

It forms the foundation for all the other ballistic kettlebell exercises like the clean and the snatch which you will learn later on to take your strength and conditioning levels to new heights.

The Get Up is a fantastic total body kettlebell exercise. If the kettlebell swing is ballistic (explosive and fast) the Get Up is the exact opposite – it is performed slowly and methodically. It’s great for strengthening worn out, busted shoulders (bench press anyone?) and for strengthening the legs one at a time. It’s also a phenomenal abdominal exercise as well.

Pavel shows you introductory exercises for each exercise and also corrective drills in case you struggle to perform them.

Finally, he wraps up this particular section with a very special, simple, and effective kettlebell workout program.

Once you’ve gotten the kettlebell swing and the Get Up down, Pavel then shows you how to perform more advanced kettlebell exercises – the clean, the press, and the snatch. (These three kettlebell exercises are based on the kettlebell swing and the Get Up – so make sure you have those two down before moving on to this section.)

Pavel, the "Evil Russian" - creator of the best kettlebell dvd for beginnersAnd again Pavel shows you how to perform each exercise, drills to help you polish your technique, and again exercises to help you correct your techniques if they are quite up to par.

You will also learn about the second kettlebell workout program in ETK. (It’s actually in the book which you can get here.) And like I mentioned earlier, it’s really the only kettlebell workout you ever really “need.” It is fully comprehensive and will work every single muscle in your body. Daily. And it will help you reach a level of fitness not only that you never even dreamed of, but weren’t even aware that it existed.

When you’re looking for the best kettlebell DVD for beginners, look no further than Enter the Kettlebell! from Pavel – the man who started the modern Russian kettlebell revolution.

Click here to get your copy of Enter the Kettlebell! and get started with the best ever beginner’s DVD on the market.

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