Is Kettlebell Training Right For You? (Maybe Not…)

With all the hype and media attention that kettlebell training is getting these days, you may be wondering if it’s right for you.


Probably not.

If you’re interested in learning why it’s not really in your best interest to get started with what’s got to be some of the most effective exercise ever designed, keep reading.

Kettlebell Training – Easy To Learn, Hard To Do?

Yeah I know – that sounds really weird. But the fact is that kettlebell exercises aren’t really that hard to learn, especially from a qualified kettlebell instructor. But kettlebell workouts can be really hard. And most people want easy.

Unfortunately, in most cases “easy” equals “zero” – as in “zero results.”

You see, kettlebell training is hard because it makes your entire body work. And that requires energy. And that makes you breathe hard, get all sweaty, and burn calories (in many cases stored as your body’s fat). And who wants to do that? Not many people.

That’s right – not many people will do just one of the things necessary to achieve their goals. It’s easier to sit around and do nothing but complain about why you’re not where you want to be than to actually do anything about it. Kettlebell workouts leave you winded, tired, and with less body fat. That’s just one of the reasons kettlebell training might not be right for you.

Kettlebell Training – Doesn’t Take Much Time, So Can’t Possibly Work – Can it?

There seems to be a correlation in many people’s minds that exercise must be long and boringly torturous in order to get any sort of results. But kettlebell training is usually the opposite. Kettlebell workouts are short. Many are shorter than 30 minutes. That’s because the kettlebell exercises are so efficient. You literally have the ability to work all your muscles at the same time – forcing your body to use lots and lots of energy (stored calories). So these types of workouts don’t have to be that long.

If you mistakenly believe that long, boring workouts must be better for getting results, then kettlebell training probably isn’t for you.

Kettlebell Training – Too Cost Effective To Be Of Any Value?

Imagine having one piece of exercise equipment that costs about $100 and not having to ever buy another piece of exercise equipment. That’s a kettlebell. Not only that, imagine working out in the comfort of your own home without having to go down to your local health club, gym, or meat market and not only waste money on gas sitting in traffic, but on your club membership too. If that sort of money-wasting experience appeals to you, than kettlebell training from the comfort of your own home probably won’t appeal to you.

And if you insist on having a basement full of expensive cardio equipment or the latest in home “all-in-one” piece of gym equipment, than kettlebell training is probably not for you. Especially since you can take your kettlebell out into your backyard and work out in the sunshine and fresh air.

But, if you are the kind of person who doesn’t mind a little hard work about three times per week, is into saving time, and is tired of wasting money on gym memberships you don’t use and on home gym equipment that’s just taking up space while holding your clothes, then kettlebell training will be a good fit for you.

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