Kettlebell exercises burn fat. Lots of it. Period.

Especially when you perform them correctly.

How do you do that exactly?​

Here’s how:

1. Start at the beginning.​

Learn the proper kettlebell exercise technique. Keep your reps low and don’t worry about “working out.” Think about your workout as a “lesson” where you learn how your body moves and how the kettlebell moves your body

The secret to performing kettlebell exercises to lose weight is this: The kettlebell responds to what your body tells it to do. It moves in response, or rather, as a reaction, to what you do.

Therefore, it’s critical to learn each exercise correctly. This allows you to stay safe and burn as many calories as possible on each and every rep of each and every set.

And of course, that’s the name of the game. Burning calories. During your workout. And after. So the best kettlebell exercises to lose weight will change as you become more proficient with each exercise.

It’s contrarian thinking I know, but learning two or three of the beginner kettlebell exercises - the 2 Hand Swing, the Get Up, and the Goblet Squat - and putting them together in a low rep circuit - will challenge you.

Speaking of low reps…​


2. Don’t train to or anywhere near failure.

Only in “working out” do we tend to train to failure. Imagine playing the guitar non-stop until your fingers bled. Or practicing your tennis serve not to be as accurate as possible, but until you couldn’t lift your arm over your head.

Both of those are stupid, right?

The problem with going to failure in your workouts - especially when you’re using kettlebell exercises for weight loss - is that threefold:

1) Your technique will break down, so you’ll get injured. Lower back, shoulder, and knee injuries are the most common injuries people get from abusing their kettlebell workouts.

2) As fatigue increases, your ability to produce force decreases. That burn you get with higher reps toward failure? That’s lactic acid accumulation. And that interferes with your muscles ability to contract properly. And that means you can’t do as much work.​

And more work means more calories burned, right?


3) Your train your mind to expect failure. Who likes to fail? No one. Ever. There are no points for losing. So why train to lose? Train for success!​


3. Be as inefficient as possible.

Think of your stored body fat as fuel. When you perform your kettlebell exercises for fat loss correctly, you’re performing them inefficiently as possible.

Let me explain

Which burns more gas - a Toyota Prius or a Hummvee?

The Hummvee, right?


The Prius is good on your wallet - saves you money. (Some even think it saves the environment.)

When it comes to burning fat, would you rather be a Prius or a Hummer?

Since you want to burn as much fat as possible, you want your body to be like that Hummer. You don’t want it to be efficient.

That’s why you want to perform each kettlebell exercise as inefficiently as possible.

How do you do that?


1) You generate as much tension as possible. This uses as much muscle as possible, which burns a ton o’ calories. (Think about squeezing everything tight while you perform the slow kettlebell exercises - the Get Up, Goblet Squat, and Military Press.

2) Be as explosive as possible on your ballistic exercises - the Swing, Clean, and the Snatch. You ever run 100 meter dash as fast as you could? How’d you feel after? Out of breath and sucking wind big time I bet. That’s because moving fast uses a ton of energy. A TON. And that means it burns A TON of calories.

Make sense?

By following these 3 rules - or principles - you’ll burn a ton of fat using any of the kettlebell exercises in any kettlebell workout.