What are the best kettlebell workouts to lose weight?

Believe it or not, probably the ones you’re not doing!

There are several basic ways to structure your kettlebell workouts for weight loss.

Here are just a few:​

Method 1: By Time.​

Pick 2 or 3 or up to 5 of your favorite kettlebell exercises to burn fat and do as many reps as you can in a specified period of time. (Generally speaking, the more exercises you use, the longer the time period, e.g. 2 exercises in 15 minutes, 5 in 30 minutes.)

My favorite time periods are 15 minutes, 20 minutes, and 30 minutes. Three 20 minute workouts add up to 60 minutes a week. If you train hard enough, those 60 minutes will be all you need.​

Method 2: By Reps.

Once again, pick a set number of reps you want to perform. For the ballistic kettlebell exercises (the Swing, the Clean, and the Snatch), almost 20 years of experience and tens, if not hundreds of thousands of people around the world, have found that 100 is a good number to shoot for.

See how long it takes you to get 100 2 hand Swings. Then switch to a more difficult exercise - like 1 hand Swings and do the same thing.​

Method 3: By Exercise.

Everybody has their favorite kettlebell exercises to lose weight. (Mine is the double kettlebell Clean and Jerk. BRUTAL.) And because of such, they get really good at them. And that’s a double edged sword.

One one hand, when you’re good at something, you have high skill levels. And that makes you very efficient. And that means you can do a lot of reps. And a lot of reps means you do a lot of work. And a lot of work means you’ll burn a lot of calories. However, it also means that particular kettlebell exercise isn’t as demanding on your body as it once was. And that means it doesn’t force your body to burn fat like it once did.

And that leads us to the other hand. When you’re learning something, you’re usually inefficient. Inefficiency is good when it comes to doing the best kettlebell workouts to burn fat. Inefficiency means that exercise is harder and requires more energy (and concentration) to be used to perform it​


Here Are Some Examples of the Best Kettlebell Workouts To Lose Weight

Method 1: By Time

Perform the following as a circuit for 20 minutes. Record your total number of reps for each exercise:

(One of the Best Kettlebell Workouts For Beginners)

A1. 2 Hand Swings x 10
A2. Turkish Get Up x 1 each hand
A3. Goblet Squat x 5​

(A1 and A2 mean perform one set of the first exercise then one set of the second exercise before repeating a set of the first exercise.)​

Method 2: By Reps

Do as many sets as necessary to reach the following reps, in as little time as possible:

A1. 2H Swings x 100 reps total
A2. Goblet Squat x 50 reps total​

Method 3: By Exercise

A1. Practice one hard exercise for 15 minutes.
A2. Practice one easy exercise for 15 minutes.

Regardless of which method you pick, the key is to do as much work as possible so you can burn as many calories as possible.

As you can see, building kettlebell workouts for weight loss is not overly complicated - it just takes a little bit of planning.​