Looking for the best kettlebell exercises to burn fat?

You’ve come to the right place!

However, I must warn you up front - they may not be what you think they are.


Because they’re all dependent upon you!

Why’s that?

Because there’s a skill requirement to each of the kettlebell exercises.

That means there is a learning curve to performing each of the kettlebell exercises.​

Since training people with kettlebells since 2002, and having the privilege of training people wanting to become kettlebell instructors as well as teaching “normal” people, I recommend you start with the 2 Hand Kettlebell Swing.​


This phenomenal exercise will work all the muscles on the backside of your body - BIG muscles - your hips, hamstrings, calves, feet, and lower back. It’ll also work your abs (if you do them correctly) as well as your upper back, arms, and shoulders.

Plus, the kettlebell swing (both 2 hand and 1 hand) is an explosive exercise (like sprinting 100 meters), it uses A LOT of energy. This makes you breathe hard. And sweat.

Especially the more you do. And that all means you are doing A LOT of work.

And that means you’ll be burning A LOT of calories!​

The more swings you do, the more work you do, and the more calories you burn.

And this means that the kettlebell swing is -​

One of the best kettlebell exercises to lose weight!​

Next up…

The Kettlebell Snatch​​


The kettlebell snatch is considered the “Tsar” or “king” of the kettlebell exercises. It requires a tremendous amount of coordination to perform safely and correctly (without banging your wrist or tweaking your lower back).

And because it’s moving over your head, you have to work even harder - put more energy into each and every rep - than you do when performing a swing.

That of course means you’re burning MORE calories!

Which of course means you’re burning MORE fat!​

Like I mentioned, there's a learning curve to the kettlebell snatch, which means there are several kettlebell exercises that proceed it. I recommend (and this is the way we teach it at the certification courses) that you learn in the following manner:​

(The following are all done with a single kettlebell, preferably a 35lb / 16kg for men and a 26lb / 12kg - or lighter - for women.)​

  1. The 2 Hand Swing
  2. The 1 Hand Swing
  3. The [Turkish] Get Up
  4. The Goblet Squat
  5. The Clean
  6. The Press
  7. The Snatch​

Now there are obviously detailed instructions for each one of these kettlebell exercises that you should follow. (Including them is beyond the scope of this article.) Many times, because these exercises are new to you, just learning each of the pieces and practicing them is enough to burn more calories than you're used to.

That's because you're putting your body in positions you're not used to being in. And that in and of itself is also work. Again, remember:​

More Work = More Calories Burned
More Calories Burned = More Fat Lost
More Fat Lost = More Weight Lost (in most cases)​

Once you've mastered the the single kettlebell exercises, it's time for a bigger challenge

It's time to start working with the double kettlebell exercises.​

These will really make your body work hard!

They are, in no particular order:

  1. The Double Swing
  2. The Double Press
  3. The Double Clean
  4. The Double Squat
  5. The Double High Pull
  6. The Double Push Press
  7. The Double Jerk
  8. The Double Snatch​

For many people the doubles are like the singles on steroids!

They are THAT tough and have that much more of an impact on your body as a whole​

But -

Don't rush into performing the doubles.

Take your time and master the singles - they are without a doubt, some of the best kettlebell exercises to burn fat around.

Only after you are extremely comfortable and supremely confident with the singles should you move on to the doubles.

So just remember this:

At the end of the day, the best kettlebell exercises to burn fat and lose weight for you are:​

1) The ones that you are proficient in performing, and can really bang out so you can do A LOT of work - like high rep swings


2) The ones that you are still learning, that provide enough of a challenge so that you still breathe hard even on the lower reps - like double front squat.

I hope you've found this article helpful. I know it's been more philosophical than "step-by-step" - but it's important you understand the "why" so you can stay motivated, and keep making progress with your kettlebell fat loss workouts.​