Who Is This Guy?


Hey There! I'm Geoff Neupert​. I've been using kettlebells since January 2002 when I bought my first "Starter Set" from Dragon Door. I knew they were "the thing" after doing 20 reps of 2-Hand Swings with a 32kg. I ended up bent over sucking wind for about 5 minutes after on my front lawn. I started using them shortly thereafter with my private one-on-one clients because I found they produced faster results than traditional workout tools and programs. They are arguably the best tools to get you in shape fast! 

I have been in the fitness industry in various forms since 1993 and have performed over 25,511 private one-on-one training sessions since when I started tracking in 2001. I have owned my own personal training companies, a group fitness kettlebell studio, co-founded a worldwide movement restoration company, Original Strength Systems, and trained Division 1 college athletes as a strength and conditioning coach at Rutgers University.

More importantly to you, I have traveled the world teaching kettlebells to others - just like you, including places like Denmark, Hungary, Czech Republic, Singapore, Italy, and Australia, as well as across the United States. I am a former Master Kettlebell Instructor for the two leading kettlebell certifications in the world - StrongFirst and the RKC, where I trained people to become kettlebell instructors and help shape the education curriculum. ​

I have authored multiple kettlebell books and programs like Kettlebell Muscle, Kettlebell Burn, Kettlebell Express!, and Kettlebell STRONG!, which have helped thousands of people from all around the world lose fat, get leaner, get stronger, and get better conditioned than they thought possible or in many cases, ever have been before.​ 

I have trained people from all walks of life, including professional athletes, military special operators, grandmothers, post-rehab patients, and literally everyone in-between. 

I currently live​ in shadow of the Rocky Mountains, in Colorado, USA, with my wife and two children.